Long experience in customization of products

Infranor develops and manufactures key servo motors and controls within its own ISO 9000 certified factories. Therefore, the Infranor technical specialists, with many years of servo experience, have the ability to quickly understand your technical and commercial requirements in order to provide the best solution alternatives.

Infranor has always helped its customers by developing specials, customized or bespoke products that are tailored to meet the demanding needs of their application. 

This important service is possible due to our understanding of the customer's market and machines. We also know that a standard product can on occasion not always be accepted as an ideal solution.

As a result Infranor Electronics and Infranor Mavilor can offer a wide range of customized products with customization such as:


  • customer specific functions
  • special physical sizes
  • bespoke power and voltage sizes
  • specific interfaces
  • bespoke material finishes


  • special windings
  • special shafts
  • bespoke cases and housings
  • special industry finish
  • special feedback sensors
  • special electrical connectors and flying leads
  • reduced tolerance